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The biggest challenge to high school tennis is understanding it.

The SCTCA is not a governing body for high school tennis, but a supporting entity created and committed to supporting Suffolk County High School tennis coaches, players and parents by facilitating a positive experience on and off the tennis court, in and out of school.

Supporting a tennis team player takes a team. Parents - School - Coaches - Tennis Industry.
This site is dedicated to providing a link from school to parents through information.
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About Suffolk County High School Tennis

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About Section XI

Section XI Home
Team schedules, standings and more.

High School Tennis Season Time line
Under development.

High School Tennis Support

SCJTL School Tennis Intitiative
Complete information resource and guide to all school tennis in Suffolk County.

USTA Player to Player Site
How to support your high school tennis player.

USTA College Tennis Site
USTA Tennis On Campus